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Chardham Yatra opening dates 2021

It is believed by the Hindu monks since the ancient time that the entire universe was made by Hindu gods. Total 133 crores gods are worshipped in India. Male gods are called Devas, and female gods are called devis. Each and every gods has their different and specials powers and looks. Many of them are mixture of human and animal. Many of them are plants. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, are the main gods and Parvati, Laxmi, Kali are the main goddess of Hindus.

India has many pilgrim locations. Among them the Do-dham and Chardham Yatra are the most popular. In India, temples of Hindu gods are situated here and there. Four holy sites Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamunotri are called Chardham together and situated in a Northern state of India, named Uttarakhand.

Vishnu is worshipped in Badrinath. The temple is located at a town, named Badrinath, in Uttarakhand, along the bank of Alakananda River. The temple Badrinath is also opened for pilgrims from April to November. Though there is no history about this temple, the mythological story says that Vishnudeb once sat here to meditate.

Lord Shiva is worshipped as Kedarnath, in Kedarnath temple. Kedarnath is located in the Garhwal region of the Himalayan range in Uttarakhand and built more than 1000 years ago. There is no direct road connected to the temple. People have to walk nearly 19 kilometers through uneven, sacred paths.

Gangotri and Yamunotri are two origins of the river Ganga and River Yamuna respectively. These two destinations have a high religiosity among Hindus. According to Hindu mythology, Gangotri was a place where King Bhagirath made a vow, after which the Ganga came down to earth. Yamunotri is the place where pilgrims seek the blessings of Yamuna, the ‘god of death’ Yama’s sister.

Opening dates of Chardham Yatra for 2021-

The opening dates of chardham are fixed by the priests. As the dates for the opening of Kedarnath dham will be decided in Maha Shibratri, 28th April.

The opening date of Badrinath dham is announced on 29th April.

And the gates of Gangotri and Yamunotri Dham will be opened respectively after Akshaya Tritiya on 26th and 27th April.

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